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“They keep their country roots and infuse the music with dashes of rock and roll and pop; not the other way around...You may not come as a country music fan, but, after hearing Two Way Crossing, you’re sure to leave as one.”
— Heather Jacks, author The Noise Beneath The Apple

Two Way Crossing, the brainchild of Jenny Marvin and Blake Marvin, was originally formed in 2014 when they moved from Denver, CO to Nashville to surround themselves with some of the best writers, performers, and producers in the music business.   Jenny and Blake have been touring with their 6 piece band for the last 4 years bringing energetic, uplifting shows to cities and sharing their music with the world.

With the new anticipated music on the horizon, you're sure to hear their name buzzing on the radio waves very soon.The band’s shows are high energy and allow audiences an easy escape from the day-to-day monotony, a theme that is contagious to anyone observing. The listener is able to feel those emotions with the help of the talented songwriting that is at the forefront of the band. Jenny spends a lot of time songwriting for the group, pouring her heart and soul into their catchy and heartfelt lyrics. She has collaborated with other talented songwriters including: Ryan Sorestad, Adam McDonough, Craig Wilson, Golden West, Erik Halbig, Parker McKay, Kait Weston, Brian White, Steve Pasch, Brian Sutherland, Blu Foley, and many others.

“Déjà Vu,” the title track from Two Way Crossing’s sophmore EP is a track that, in particular, has caught the eye of critics. Chuck Shultz (Country Weekly) says, "From the opening chords to the sweet sultry vocals, 'Deja Vu' may be the sexiest song you'll listen to this year." Music blogger Lisa Zimmer agrees saying, "Instantly, the electric sound grips the listener with a current country charm collided with an alternative rock vibe. A timeless combination that you can’t help but rock to; the kind that causes you to nod and shake your head from musicality, lyrics, and the way it makes you feel, re-live, and imagine.”

Two Way Crossing’s vocals vary between two and three-part harmonies which add to the freedom and uniqueness of their sound. They are pushing country music boundaries without leaving behind everything they love about the genre. 

With their music and mesmerizing performances, Two Way Crossing has developed a rabidly devoted fanbase spread across the country. Those fans have already embraced the band’s brand new single, “Just Friends” and enthusiastically echo the words of Bob Oermann in saying, “Welcome to the party.”

What People Are Saying About Two Way Crossing...

“Meet Two Way Crossing, the high energy, Nashville-based band, whose sweet harmonies and catchy beats are sure to put them on your radar.”
— Ana Cahill, Whiskey Riff
There’s just something so fresh and innocent and endearing in their approach. Welcome to the party.”
— Robert Oermann, MusicRow News
From their explosive performances to their tireless work ethic TWC is on the cusp of becoming the next big thing in the world of pop-country.
— Sarah Netemeyer, Country Fancast
Two Way Crossing is poised to be a big deal. The up-and-coming six-member pop-country outfit combines killer harmonies, upbeat lyrics and slick instrumentation, establishing themselves as a band worth getting to know.
— Carrie Horton, The Boot
The infectious, upbeat tune, Gettin’ Sun, is the perfect way to welcome warmer weather!
— Erin Duvall, One Country
Two Way Crossing brings powerhouse to a whole new level.
— Country In Arizona

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