Music Row DisCovery Award

Hey Y’all!!!

Just wanted to pass on a write up that we found out we were featured in!  In yesterday’s MusicRow News, Robert Oermann, took the time to review our latest single “Deep End” and gave us the honor of the Music Row DisCovery Award of the week.  How cool is that?!  We are very humbled and appreciate the positive review!

Here are excerpts:

It gives me comfort to know that country remains the music of choice for so many wanna-be’s. Today, we have a female, a duo and two bands in the running for theDisCovery Award. The groups are The Railers and The Washers. The lady is Abbi Walker. The winning act is the duo, Two Way Crossing. There’s just something so fresh and innocent and endearing in their approach. Welcome to the party.
Writers: White/Conner/Caver; Producer: Steve Pasch; Publishers: none listed; TWC (track)
-Two Way Crossing is a male-female duo comprised of Jenny & Blake Marvin. This rhythm-happy single from its seven-song EP is a sprightly romance ditty with a built-in smile. Bright and joyous.